Before joining Tania, I had never really attended any sort of fitness/nutrition class before. I knew it would be challenging, but I had my mind set, as my goal was to reach my optimum post-baby body after just having my second child. She was always upbeat, enthusiastic, motivating, cheery, and never let me skip a beat. She offered an extensive range and variety of body weighted and weighted exercises. No class was ever boring or predictable, as there were no two classes alike. She pushed me, entertained me and helped me to understand the importance of correct form. Tania has a subtle, but stern way of making you believe the impossible is very possible. At times, I felt as if I was at boot camp… but without the yelling, unbearable pressure or ill-treatment ☺ Tania is very knowledgeable and was able to confidently answer any question relating to exercise or nutrition. She also sent mid-week ‘touch-base’ e-mails of encouragement and praise in between sessions to ensure I was on-track. My overall strength and fitness has improved so much in a short 12-week period. I was able to lose 11 pounds and cut the inches.
Tania, I don’t know what I am going to do without you! I never really recognized how strong of a mind it takes to stay dedicated, focused and push your body to its maximum potential. I am very pleased with my results from both a physical and mental standpoint. You inspired me in more ways than you know! I admire your strong value for the mind-body connection.


I just wanted to take a quick second to say thank you. I’m noticing a difference already and, more than that, I’m feeling great. I think it’s a wonderful thing that you are sharing what you love and it’s a real gift to us. This is certainly the nudge I needed (I had been on a plateau for about a year or so and, although you said not to obsess with the scale, I will say it’s moving in the right direction and I can feel it in my clothes already). So a big thank you to you.


Look out Boston, me and my new body are coming shopping 🙂


Thank you Tania Kowalski for an amazing 3 months. I feel transformed and I know this is not the end. I BELIEVE that I am capable of sooo much more. 20 lbs and 12.5 inches down and it feels sooo good. Whoo hoo! !!! Congrats to all of the other men and women on this journey. You all look fabulous.



Hi Tania, had some good news at Dr’s this morning. I had seen him in early December, he wanted me to lose some weight and come back and see him. Since then I have gone from 225lbs to 212lbs and blood pressure has gone from borderline hypertension to normal (120/80), feeling great this morning. Thanks for everything…


I found Tania’s program simple to follow and the results were amazing.