20 minutes to Trim

Are you interested in getting leaner and healthier but short on time?  
I'm a busy mom & entrepreneur with limited time, I GET IT!!  
Your Week Includes_
*Effective, easy to follow 20 minute workouts
*Quick and delicious meals with easy to follow recipes
*Video workout demonstrations including some of my favorite exercises to
shape your body and maximize fat loss!
*Superfoods swaps to give you flexibility in your meals
This quick week long program will get you jump started or get you back on the path to making exercise and good nutritional choices a part of your routine. Your week long meal plan will keep you fueled with quick, healthy recipes to suit even the most hectic schedule.
The workouts can be performed at home or in the gym and take just 20 minutes a day. If you’re training at home I would recommend that you have a set of dumbbells (weights that challenges you) or a couple of resistance bands. An exercise ball would also be an asset.
This quick program will get you seeing and feeling quick results to keep you motivated to repeat it over and over again 🙂
You simply download your program and the workout video demonstrations and get started right away.