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Sugar Free Easter Basket Ideas!

Sugar Free Easter Basket Ideas!


For those of you who are working last minute (like me!) to advise the bunny on how fill your kiddos Easter baskets with sugar free treats, I wanted to share some ideas for non candy (or the best candy!) inspiration.


  1. water bottles
  2. bunny ears
  3. easter stuffies (the girls are asking for bunny beanie boos!)
  4. books/coloring books/sticker books
  5. stickers
  6. crafts
  7. coloring pencils, fun pens, easter pencils, markers
  8. sidewalk chalk (perfect for hopscotch or artistic endeavors!)
  9. hair clips/hair elastics
  10. sunglasses
  11. necklaces/bracelets
  12. nail polish/makeup/lipgloss (choose non-toxic! - our favorite nail polishes are Zoya and David's Tea have all natural tea infused chapsticks which are divine!)
  13. play doh
  14. silly putty 
  15. jump rope/exercise bands
  16. pajamas
  17. rubber boots
  18. flip flops
  19. sand toys
  20. Easter dress
  21. yo-yo
  22. bicycle helmet
  23. gardening gloves and tools
  24. bubbles
  25. tattoos 
  26. kite


As far as the candy that our girls find in their baskets; they usually find a few small dark chocolate eggs, one small dark chocolate hollow bunny, and have an Easter egg hunt to find the plastic eggs filled with Amy's bunny crackers, pretzels, and a few bunny cookies. We keep & recycle the plastic eggs for the bunny each year so that we are not tossing all that plastic - the less plastic the better over here.  


Wishing you and your family a Happy, Healthy Easter filled with lots of great memories!


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