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We Must Put In The Work

We Must Put In The Work

The hard truth is that we do not grow or reach our goals without putting in the work and showing up for ourselves consistently.  You can sign up for all kinds of growth programs these days however the truth of the matter is that no matter how much money you invest or how awesome the teacher is, if you don't commit, show up, and put in the work you will not reap the results.

As a health & success coach of course I want to see my clients get incredible results.  Results come and can easily go unless we learn to tap in to our thoughts, patterns, and emotions and rewire our responses.  Catching ourselves in self sabotage and reprograming how we respond is crucial.  Being self intuitive is a practice and just like growing those rounded shoulder muscles or building those shapely glute muscles, the more we push through the resistance, the more we practice and train our thoughts the more strength and control we build to manage our emotions, and to change our patterns.  I always strive to teach realistic, sustainable habits.  Through repetition we create habitual responses that become automatic go to's for life, not just for 20 days or 12 weeks.  When we get off track as we ALL do it is so important that we don't give up, that we get back at it.  That said, if we're more off track than we're on it's really hard to see and feel our results, to build the confidence that it takes to keep us motivated and moving ahead.  There will always be a million reasons not to commit to our goals; a trip, a holiday, an event, not enough time, a family emergency, you name it.  Making the firm decision to put in whatever effort required for YOU to achieve your dreams, to stay focussed and to keep getting back up when you fall is not easy but it is oh so worthwhile.  Are you committed?  What are you waiting for?  This is your main act, NO excuses.




I obtained my Personal Training and Health Coach Certifications from The American Council on Exercise. I also have a nutrition certification through Precision Nutrition, which is a program that seemed tailor made for me as they teach a common sense approach to nutrition that is closely aligned with how I live. Obtaining these certifications along with the development of life coaching skills have allowed me to feel confident in my knowledge and ability to help my clients find their way.

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