Health Fanatic Online Programs Launch!!!!!!!!!

I am so super excited to be sharing my online programs with you that I can hardly contain myself. I have been working my tail off on these programs and my new website offerings and to see it coming to fruition is just awesome. I can't wait to start working with you to get you to your goals. I have two programs currently available; Tania's 20 Minutes to Trim, and Tania's 20 Day Transformation.

Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday

We all go through phases when we feel less motivated than other times.  Here are some ideas to get that drive back in order to continue to work towards your fitness & ...[Read More]

Want Fat Loss????

One big key to fat loss is to keep blood sugar & insulin levels low and stable. Insulin is known as the fat storage hormone for good reason. It works to lower blood s ...[Read More]