Health Fanatic Online Programs Launch!!!!!!!!!

I am so super excited to be sharing my online programs with you that I can hardly contain myself. I have been working my tail off on these programs and my new website offerings and to see it coming to fruition is just awesome. I can't wait to start working with you to get you to your goals. I have two programs currently available; Tania's 20 Minutes to Trim, and Tania's 12 Week Total Health Transformation. The registration will be opening tonight for both programs, just click on the link above to purchase and you will receive your package and waiver to sign by digital download...

Staying Connected

This post has nothing to do with fitness or nutrition, I felt the need to write about relationships today.  It seems that as of late that my girlfriends and I have had ma ...[Read More]

Being Present

Sitting on the chairlift with my youngest daughter Mackenzie, we examine the intricate details of each glorious snowflake softly landing on her purple snow pants. There t ...[Read More]