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June Pushup Challenge!

One of my rockstar clients Lexi is focused on getting in her best shape for her sisters upcoming wedding, working to get her arms really toned!   Lexi wanted to do a pushup challenge for the month of June so of course we're making it happen!!
Please click on the link below so that you can download and print the calendar to cross off all of the days of amazing pushups that you accomplish!
Here are some notes for you:
☝️If you are a beginner stick to the repetitions on the calendar with serious focus on form.
Knee push-ups are totally fine if they allow you greater range of motion and better alignment.
✌️If you are more advanced you can double or triple these repetitions.
????The repetitions work as follows: on the days with 3 sets you'll do all 3 sets with a minute of rest in between. On the straight set days you'll do your best to complete the entire set in one go. A combination of full push-ups and knee push-ups totally fine as well!
Please tag a friend on social medial so that you can keep one another accountable and take some photos of you in action /getting prepped or post push-ups and tag me on Facebook or Instagram or both so that I know you're getting it done.  
Now go get your pushups in 🙂

Click Here For Your Printable Calendar!



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