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July Pushup & Burpee Challenge

After a super busy June I'm sure that I'm not alone in wanting to make sure that I continue to fit my fitness (and good nutrition of course!) in throughout July.
Sooo...we're continuing with the pushup challenge and we're adding burpees to the mix!  CLICK HERE to download your printable calendar  
If you are a beginner, follow the numbers on the calendar and know that pushups on the knees or skipping the lowering phase of the burpee is fine if it means keeping the form of the movement.  If you are more advanced double or triple the number of repetitions.  Challenge yourself to keep the form super tight and to get full range of motion in the movement so that you are getting full benefit and building strength.


After too many bubbles in June I am working to make July a 'drier' month.  If you are finding that booze, sugar, or processed salty foods are sabotaging your get healthy efforts then I challenge you to cut your trigger by 1/4 each week or to go cold turkey (cutting them completely is the best way to hit the reset button!) in July.  


For the triple sets, i.e.  5/5/5 you will do 3 sets of 5 of each pushups and burpees.  For the straight sets, i.e, 8 you will do 8 pushups and 8 burpees.
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Tag a friend to join you and I'd love to see you stay accountable to the challenge and post some pics of you getting it done on Facebook or Instagram - tag me at @Tania Kowalski - Health & Happiness Coach on Facebook or @Tania Kowalski - Health Coach on Instagram. 
Any questions?

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