I created the members space to give busy women anytime access to my program - to give them all of the tools that they need to build their health and shape their bodies.  Being in my 40's with two busy kids has made me very efficient.  I'm not saying that I always get it right but I certainly manage to fit a lot into my weeks, including; my workouts, quick nutritious meals, and some down time.  Oh and most often I'm able to do it with a smile 🙂 
My strength and interval based workouts build shape while burning fat!  The macronutrient balanced meal plans and quick and delicious recipes make cooking healthy family meals at home easy.
I totally understands how tight your time can be so all of the content is designed to get you maximum results in the least amount of time.
As a Healthy & Happy Insider, you get access to an entire library of strength and interval workout videos (can be done anywhere with a set of dumbbells), as well as gym based workouts with downloadable workout logs.  I am very focused on good form and full engagement of the muscles working so I include form demonstrations for all of the workouts.
All of the recipes are macronutrient balanced for maximum nutrition and will leave you feeling satisfied and energized.  I also include mindset coaching activities so that we can become more self aware.  Often times we are getting in our own way when it comes to making progress.  We all know how important reducing stress and getting good quality rest is so there are also meditations and tips on maximizing sleep quality.
Last but certainly not least, you get added to the supportive Facebook Community where we are all working to make progress and to lift one another up.  I do lots of little inspirational videos and tips there as well.
**If you've never taken the 20 day challenge, it's a great place to start as you receive daily emails which provide structure and guidance to my nutrition coaching and workout style.  Click HERE to find out more