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FREE Fall Family Fitness Focus!! Get Started Now to Win!!

FREE Fall Family Fitness Focus!!  Get Started Now to Win!!

Do you feel like you've slipped a bit in terms of making your health a priority?  Have your typical few glasses of wine or take-out meals out per week start turning into a daily occurrence?  Well my hubby and I are both feeling this way right now.  I wouldn't say that we've let ourselves go however it's a slippery slope and it's time to reign it in and get back on track so that we don't end up requiring a big recovery effort come January in order to get back to our happy places.

The thing is that when we are focussed on eating well and exercising, we don't do it in a bubble, we have family, and friends that have to be on the same page and support us to help to keep us on track.  We can't go at it alone.  I've created this partner/family challenge to get you feeling incredible inside and out in time for the holidays!  To get you inspired and focussed on quality food & fitness for November/December AND the winner will get my Trim in 20 Program and a FREE coaching call.  The best prize of all though?  An improved YOU, FAMILY/FRIENDS with a renewed back to basics focus on making solid nutrition and fitness a part of your every day.  

If you have kids, I strongly encourage you to get them involved as well, you are helping to create healthy habits for them to stay with them throughout their lives.  What better gift can you give your children than the gift of health?  The more the more that we focus together, the more success we will all be. 

Now I can already hear you saying 'but I'm traveling for a week', or 'it's Thanksgiving', or '(insert excuse)' here.  I can guarantee that there will without a doubt ALWAYS be an excuse as to why we can't  get started, all the more reason to GET STARTED!  Some progress is better than no progress and you just might surprise yourself!  If you get your butt in gear NOW then come the New Year when everyone is scrambling to undo damage from the holidays, you'll be miles ahead and ready to push yourself to the next level.

Here are the details/rules: 

I will be disseminating all of the details through email so you must sign up on my website first (see what the sign up looks like in the rules below).  Winners will be chosen based on photo results so you must send me your photos in order to win at  healthfanatic@icloud.com  Don't be shy, what have you got to lose?  A few pounds?? 

Tag your friend, family members, and anyone else that you think would benefit from this challenge, let's all get FIT & FABULOUS this Fall!

Winners will be chosen on December 10th.  My hubby and I will be doing this right along with you!  Your photos will provide you motivation and show you how much progress you can make in just 30 days.  I'll be sending out the workouts and nutrition rules to follow.  Let's do this!!!!!!

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I obtained my Personal Training and Health Coach Certifications from The American Council on Exercise. I also have a nutrition certification through Precision Nutrition, which is a program that seemed tailor made for me as they teach a common sense approach to nutrition that is closely aligned with how I live. Obtaining these certifications along with the development of life coaching skills have allowed me to feel confident in my knowledge and ability to help my clients find their way.

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