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Is Dried Fruit Healthy?

Is Dried Fruit Healthy?
Is dried fruit healthy? I like to think about it this way.. It's easy to eat a mini box of 50 raisins however would you eat 50 grapes in a sitting? It's easy to eat 5 dried apricots however would you eat 5 actual apricots at once? Dried fruit is super concentrated (hello sugar!) since you're removing all of the water from the fruit.
Saying that dried fruit isn't healthy doesn't feel right so I'd rather say that fresh fruit with all of it's water intact is a much better decision 🙂 Fresh fruit is nutrient dense and more filling than the dried version which makes it so much easier to keep portions in check. Dried fruit can also have added sugar and preservatives, just another reason to choose fresh and to be label savvy if choosing dry.
Dried fruit can have it's place, it's quick digesting sugars make it a good pre-workout or pre-race energy snack.
Have you ever wondered if dried fruit is a good choice?









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