Chia'n Berry Bowl

If you are looking for a little breakfast variety or you're like me and have breakfast type food any time of day here is a nutritious and delicious idea! Not to mention that it's way cheaper than buying the chia pods in the store and so much better too!!

Vanilla Berry Blast

This dish is great as a light desert, can be eaten as a snack, or for breakfast 🙂 Recipe *You can skip the vanilla protein powder and it's just as delish. Enjoy ...

Protein Pancakes

Instead of eating eggs and oats every day these protein pancakes make for a nice change.  As with everything I make, they're super quick & easy. 

Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free/Egg Free Bread

I had a really hard time finding any decent gluten free/egg free bread for my daughter in the grocery store.  The ingredient list on most of these breads is definitely no ...

Sweet Potato & Banana Pancakes :)

What better way to start your day than with these delicious pancakes which include protein, fruit, veggies, whole grains and healthy fat.

Crock-Pot Steel Cut Oats

Instead of waiting for your steel cut oats to cook (since the watched pot only boils over the moment you walk away :)) try cooking them in the slow cooker or soaking them ...

Oatmeal Loaf

Before I travel with my kiddos I am always sure to make something healthy like this great loaf that incorporates protein (eggs), veggies, fruit and whole grains so that I ...