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My 6 Favorite Ab Moves for a Tighter Tummy & Stronger Core

Just because summer is over doesn't mean that you should let your midsection go to pot.  Consistently eating well and getting your strength training in will not only have you feeling and looking better, it will also keep your core strong to prevent common areas of weakness (good-bye lower back pain) and keep your posture in check.

Don't forget that compound movements like squats, deadlifts, lunges and rows also seriously strengthen the core.  I like to really focus on engaging my inner thigh (adductor) muscles as well as my gluteal muscles in any movement (even when sitting and standing) which keep those abdominal muscles working hard! 

When you do this series please leave a comment below letting me know if you felt your abdominals working.

*On the moves with two sides, be sure to do both sides so when the reps (in the pink circle) indicate 20, you're doing 10 per side.  Repeat the sequence at least 3 times and feel those abs burn!

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