20 Days to FIT & Fabulous!

20 Days to FIT & Fabulous!

My online 20 day workout, nutrition, and mindset coaching program will not only get you leaner, it will have you feeling positive, happy, energized, and confident.  Rocking your best body and enjoying the process is a bonus.  I can't wait to work with you!


Do you struggle with emotional eating?  

The self awareness activities that we work through will help you to understand yourself on a deeper level.  You'll gain new confidence through uncovering your patterns and finding strategies that help you to respond more effectively.

Do you have too little time for long, drawn out workouts?

The workouts are efficient, effective, and focussed on shaping, lifting, and fat burning. Your 20 minute workouts are a combination of strength and intervals and can be done anywhere. The workouts will arrive in your inbox daily. It is recommended that you have a set of weights or two that challenge you, a band, and a mat.

Are you confused about what to eat and when?  

The nutrition plan is robust yet easy to follow with recipes for delicious meals and snacks.  Many different meal options allow you to customize your days if you like or to just follow along as is.

 Do you need support, motivation and accountability?  

We have an incredibly supportive & safe (closed) Facebook community for support, Q&A, and motivation.

 Do you throw in the towel or end up back where you started? 

Your accountability directly to me will keep you focused and seeing your progress.  There will be one short discovery activity per week to keep you busting through your mental blocks to keep you moving ahead and making progress.

 Does your life sometimes spin out of control? 

Your weekly short, guided meditations will give you some coveted calm & clarity.

You get all of this and so much more from me as I pour my heart and energy into getting you results!  Most importantly, I want you to feel strong, energized, and confident. 

ONLY $150