20 Day Health & Happiness Transformation – Fitness & Nutrition Bootcamp

What would it take to get back to that healthy-and-happy YOU?

I show you step by step how I made this my priority.

I don't believe in fads or restrictive 'diets'. (I actually detest the word!). It is my mission to show you how to become the priority, even in your busiest times. There will never be a perfect time. The best time to start focusing on you is right now.

My online 20 day workout, nutrition, and mindset coaching program not only gets you leaner, it leaves you feeling positive, happy, energized, and confident. Rocking your best body and enjoying the process is a bonus.

I can't wait to work with you!

There will always be a next Monday, right?

When I put off the decision to start a healthy habit, I always end up waiting for the next Monday. Sound familiar? We both know there is never a "perfect" time to get started. There is no time like the present.

We all have emotional connections to food..

We all develop unique relationships to food in our upbringings, starting from childhood. Did you ever hear 'finish your dinner', 'don't waste', 'well done!', or 'you're such a good eater' at meal time?

I work through self-awareness activities with you, that help you understand yourself on a deeper level. You gain new confidence through uncovering your patterns. And find strategies to help you change the responses that aren't serving your goals.

Who has time for long, drawn out workouts?

Between work, family, and friends I don't have time to commit to long drawn out workouts. I'm grateful for a 15 minute workout and can pack a challenging training session into that time.

I created these workouts to be efficient and effective by focusing on strength moves that shape and lift. And High Intensity Interval Training to burn fat. The 20-30 minute workouts are a combination of strength and intervals you can do anywhere.

The workouts arrive in your inbox daily. I recommend you have a set of dumbbells or two that challenge you, a band, and a mat.

Nutrition Information Overload!

Have you ever searched for one nutrition topic and got sucked into the abyss of endless information?

By the time you were through you'd think the healthiest decision would be just eating ice? Spring water ice that is...

Relief from information overload and getting back to basics is what this program is about.

I created the nutrition program to be super easy to follow so you can leave the researching to me.

The nutrition plan is robust yet easy to follow with quick family friendly recipes for delicious meals and snacks. Many different meal options allow you to customize your days, if you like, or just follow along as is.

Are you more focused when you are accountable?

I know that I am! We all need accountability in life, someone to give us that kick in the rear when we need it!

I am here to serve you, and, if you choose, you are accountable to me. Not only that, we also have an incredibly supportive and safe (closed) Facebook community for support, Q&A, and motivation.

It's easy to give up. What's harder is to keep going.

Throwing in the towel when you're having a tough time is the easy way out.

Consistency and results come from letting go of guilt, forgiving yourself of a mis-step, and continuing to show up.

Finally clearing the mental clutter.

When my mind is out of control with to-do's, dropping into meditation has been a game changer for me.

The program includes guided meditations to get you clear and focused.

You get all of this and so much more from me as I pour my heart and energy into getting you results.

Most importantly, I want you to feel strong, energized, and confident.

The 20 Day Health & Happiness Challenge Includes:

  • 15x 20-minute fat blasting workouts delivered to you via email and performed anywhere (gym, home or on the road)
  • A robust, easy to follow nutrition plan with food swaps, so you can leave the thinking to me
  • Guided self-awareness activities that naturally smooth the road to your goals
  • Guided meditations to remind you of that deep place of peace that is always within you
  • Accountability to Tania (you can send me weekly weight, measurements, and photos) to keep you on track and focused on your progress
  • A closed Facebook group for Q&A support and motivation
  • Videos from me on the FB page, giving my experience in motivation, mindset and techniques.

This program is currently closed however you can join the wait list now to get in and get all the details for when we re-open in February!


"I love Tania's workout videos. They were the perfect length for a busy mom and got me sweating! My kids loved to join in too. Tania is very knowledgeable and makes sure to explain the proper form for all the exercises in the videos. I was a member of Tania's program remotely and she kept me motivated over facebook with regular check-ins and lots of tips. I will definitely be back!"

~Katie MC

"I recently took part in Tania’s 20 day beach body challenge and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone considering taking part in the next one. Tania has done an amazing job of putting together enjoyable and achievable workouts and that's coming from someone who normally hates anything more strenuous than a walk! The easy meal plans, accountability and daily support made it an enjoyable experience and one that I felt very encouraged to succeed with. I finished the challenge feeling much stronger and more comfortable about getting into my swim togs for the summer season. It is also incredibly good value and that’s not something you hear every day in Bermuda!"

~Samantha Morris

"I loved Tania's workouts. They are so varied, easy to fit into your day. They are quick and definitely hit the spot. She is so motivating, always comes on beaming from ear to ear. Her enthusiasm and positive outlook are contagious. You will feel a better person from joining her program"

~Julie Anne Fleming